You are absolutely right, they were not equal by any means. Only a small minority of counterprotesters came from the extremist Antifa, and of those Antifa, only a minority participated in aggressive violence, most engaged in defensive activities only. I don’t have a problem with violence used in self-defense or direct defense of others from imminent danger. However, some Antifa participated in aggressive violence, according to their own statement here from some Antifa from DC: “Before the [car] attack occurred, we chased the Nazis out of their park, removing their platform.”

Trump was wrong for not condemning terrorism very hard. He was also wrong in trying to place equal blame for the violence on both sides .We need to apportion blame for violence appropriately, and in this case, even barring the car attack, the brunt of the blame belongs to the far-right, a much larger proportion of whom engaged in aggressive violence. The domestic terrorist attack is what hits their violence out of the ball park.

So we should put the vast majority of the blame squarely for the violence on the far right. And of course, morally the neo-Nazis are heinous. Still, to put 100% of the blame for all aggressive violence on them — as some people are doing — is highly problematic, as it goes against the truth. Sometimes, the truth is hard, but it is still the truth.

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